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Vin Diesel has had a pretty good 2015, with Furious 7 taking the highest opening weekend in April, as well as a solid $1.4 billion at the box office – so far. Of course, considering his reputation for keeping busy for his fans, his attention has turned towards his other film project due for release this year - The Last Witch Hunter. Check out the new clip he dropped earlier today.

Axe and Cross

As promised...Kaulder.

Posted by Vin Diesel on Thursday, May 7, 2015

With the aid of his official Facebook page, Diesel showed audiences a closer, if not extremely short, look at his character, Kaulder. While the previously released trailer showed us the more modern world that Kaulder fights evil in, this new clip entitled "Axe And Cross" shows the character in a more medieval setting than we've seen previously. Not only that, it also features what's probably the most hair we've seen on Vin Diesel since Find Me Guilty. The new footage is not only short on running time, it's also short on any sort of story details that might flesh out Kaulder's dramatic arc beyond the standard beats present. That's not to say there isn't any new material worth mining, it's just that there could be more at this stage in promotion.

What The Last Witch Hunter does show its audience in this new look is the reason Vin Diesel seems pumped to advertise his involvement. Much like the Riddick movies before it, The Last Witch Hunter seems like a cross breed between a slick supernatural thrill ride in the vein of Underworld with the epic quest of justice in the style of Conan The Barbarian. Judging by the flashes of his life we're seeing in the video above, it's probably a safe bet that Kaulder's family is somehow going to be taken from him by the likes of witches, spurring a centuries long quest for revenge into motion. In other words, this is the history that Michael Caine's priest character was reading up on according to the last trailer.

The Last Witch Hunter certainly isn't Shakespeare, and it's definitely not Furious 7, for that matter. However, what we've seen from the film so far suggests that it'll be a fun, if not forgettable, time at the movies this October. With Victor Frankenstein and Crimson Peak both competing for horror fans' money only weeks before Vin Diesel's next turn at bat; The Last Witch Hunter looks like it's going to have a lot of competition this fall. Still, a competition with Diesel in a year where he's on the top of the year's box office could spell some spectacular numbers come October's box office. Whether Kaulder comes out on top or not is up to the audiences who believe in him.

The Last Witch Hunter hits theaters on October 23.

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