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Latest Maze Runner Photo Shows Kids Afraid In The Dark

Maze Runner

It seems like we've seen more than a few open-mouthed reaction shots of the characters in Wes Ball's Maze Runner adaptation. It's a little bit maddening in some respects, as we're constantly being teased about what the characters are looking at, without being privy to their view. The latest photo from the film is particularly dark, which is especially teasy, as those who've read James Dashner's novel know that kids in The Maze Runner have a reason to be afraid of the dark, particularly if they find themselves trapped inside the maze after the sun goes down.

Dashner's story centers on Thomas (Dylan O'Brien), a kid who wakes up on an elevator that's delivering him to a place called the Glade. Like all of the other boys living in this mysterious walled-in camp, the only thing Thomas knows about himself is his first name, and he has no idea how or why he's been quarantined. Each morning, the walls open up to a giant maze. The bravest of the kids spend their day running through the maze, trying to find a way out. And as I hinted above, it's crucial that they get back to the Glade before sundown because anyone trapped inside when the walls close likely won't survive the night.

The latest still from the movie shows us O'Brien and along with Kaya Scodelario, who plays Teresa, the only female resident of the Glade. Her arrival comes not long after Thomas'.

This certainly isn't the first night shot we've seen from the film. There've been a couple more dimly lit images released, including this one:

dark outside

I know I'm not alone in being anxious to get a glimpse of the Grievers, but so far we're only getting character stills. Not that we'd complain. With months to go before the film arrives in theaters, it's good to see some new teases as the days tick by. Dashner recently tweeted a countdown update, in fact:

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And late last month, Wes Ball Tweeted this still of Will Poulter as Gally:

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I'm actually hoping that the first teaser will be our first official glimpse of the Grievers, and if that's the case, I almost hope they only give us a little glimpse and save the big reveal for a full trailer, if not for the film itself, when it arrives in theaters September 19.