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Current super hero hog, Ryan Reynolds is starring in next years Green Lantern and we've recently learned about his fully CGI suit, but what about the rest of the cast? Resident baddie Dr. Hector Hammond, to be played by Peter Sarsgaard, has a heinously huge and comedic noggin the likes of which may or may not play well on screen. So what is a production to do?

Well the answer is use make-up and make a heinously huge, disgusting looking prosthetic and strap it to your actors' dome, obviously. Sky Showbiz got their hands on a spy image of Sarsgaard traipsing around the back lot with his supposed make up on and it looks pretty intense. Removing the comic book aspect seems to have changed the dynamic of the character from silly to gross.

We have to remember though that this is early and there's probably going to be some heavy CG work so being overly critical of it is a fools errand at this point. Plus, there's always the possibility that this is some mongoloid production assistant just on his way to craft services. Anyway, take a look and sound off about what you think about where the character is headed.

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