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We're almost halfway through 2016, and knee-deep in the middle of the summer movie season, so we're not out of surprises just yet. One such film that might deliver a surprise on either side of the spectrum is Warner Bros' The Legend of Tarzan, and a new trailer has been released that is trying to win audiences over. Check out this look into the Alexander Skarsgard-led film, and the origins of its main character, below:

This new, but slightly recycled, trailer comes from IMAX directly, as they'll be releasing the film into their large format theaters when it takes its bow on July 1st. While a lot of the footage in this trailer has already been revealed in the first two trailers released earlier, there is some new footage from the gap of time between Tarzan's untimely orphan status and his eventual transformation into the svelte specimen Alexander Skarsgard will be playing opposite Margot Robbie. Though, seeing as this is an IMAX trailer, this look at The Legend of Tarzan shows off a little more of the action you'll be seeing on the big, big screen.

In particular, we get some brief glimpses of a foot chase that Tarzan himself is at the head of. Fully clothed, it looks like he's leading his prey into the heart of the jungle, where more than likely there's a trap waiting to be sprung. While that might not be new, the quick shot of Samuel L. Jackson's character, George Washington Williams, preparing for action is something we noticed was added. With twin rifles in hand, he's ready to take on whatever creatures or men are waiting in the jungle, as he's fighting on the side of Tarzan and Jane. Also, during the portion of the trailer that shows off Tarzan's youth, we get to see a little more of Tarzan's training when it comes to the ways of the ape. All the high swinging and exploding action adventure fodder you could think of is on display in this trailer! You can watch the original cut of the second trailer to The Legend of Tarzan below, as a refresher:
So you're probably wondering what purpose this trailer could even serve? Well, as it's an IMAX branded exclusive look, this reel is supposed to serve as a method to entice audiences to enjoy this film in its large-format exhibition. This could be the first signs of The Legend of Tarzan being pushed by Warner Bros as a larger than life event film, simply because IMAX tickets are among the highest premium tier tickets at the box office today. It's no secret that the film isn't exactly blowing up the fan-based charts, so the studio must figure the more people that see the film in IMAX 3D, the quicker the $180 million film can approach profitability. It's a gamble, but as far as theatrical marketing is concerned, it's one of the more sensible ones that's likely to work.

The Legend of Tarzan takes a swing at the box office, when it opens on July 1st.