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Lego Gets Its Release Date Bumped Up

Most studios probably haven't even figured out exactly how their 2013 release schedules will play out, but Warner Bros. is already tinkering around with their 2014 calendar.

Box Office Mojo has learned from the studio that Lego, their upcoming adventure movie featuring the world's favorite building blocks, has been bumped up a grand total of three weeks. While the movie was originally going to come out on February 28, 2014, it will now come out on February 7, 2014 (provided it doesn't move again between now and then).

While it may not seem like it from the outside perspective, this is actually a very strange turn of events. As of now there aren't any movies coming out on February 28, 2014, meaning that it was facing an open field, but the weekend it moved to is already occupied with both Need For Speed and the RoboCop remake. While the family friendly toy movie will obviously be catering to a different demographic than the action films, the move could spoil the ability to get older audiences to come for a bit of nostalgia.

Both written and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller - of 21 Jump Street fame- the story follows an ordinary minifig (Lego speak foer person) who is mistaken to be the legendary Master Builder. Unable to convince anybody who he really is, he's sent out on a quest to stop a tyrant from gluing the world together. The awesome voice cast already includes Chris Pratt as the main character, Will Arnett as Batman, and Channing Tatum as Superman. Elizabeth Banks and Morgan Freeman are also attached.

Eric Eisenberg

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