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Twilight is almost over, but fans of Stephanie Meyer don't have to fear for the author's future. While the second to last movie in the sparkly vampire franchise will arrive in theaters less than a month from now, Meyer's most recent novel, The Host, is already going through the Hollywood system and being prepped for a feature film adaptation. Andrew Niccol is set to direct the movie with Saoirse Ronan set to star, but it's just not a Meyer book without a pair of hunky male leads...

Variety reports that Liam Hemsworth, Kit Harington, Jai Courtney, and Max Irons are up for the role of Jared in the movie while Dane DeHaan, Thomas McDonnell, Augustus Prew and Jake Abel are up for the role of Ian. The plot is about a young girl named Melanie Stryder whse body plays host to an alien called Wanderer. In the book Jared is Melanie's boyfriend while Ian is a "menacing young man" who first abuses Wanderer and then falls in love with her. Of the group, only Jake Abel, who co-starred in Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones, has previously appeared with Ronan in a movie. The film is being produced by Meyer herself as well as Steve Schwartz, Paula Mae Schwartz and Nick Wechsler.

Being an adult male I'm not really the demographic that Stephanie Meyer is aiming for, so naturally I don't know which actor would be perfect for either the role of Jared or Ian. That's why I'm going to leave it to you. Are any of the actors listed above the right guys to play the male leads in The Host. If not, who do you think they should get? Leave your thoughts, opinions, concerns and complaints in the comments section below.