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After years of earning more headlines for her personal dramas than for her professional performances, Lindsay Lohan has been reduced to cameo roles that mock her fallen starlet image and TV movies that hope to gain viewers by her scandalous involvement. Her latest film project The Canyons penned by sleazy L.A. satirist Bret Easton Ellis and co-starring porn star James Deen seems like a joke. But at least its marketing team seems in on it.

The thriller that promises to be about youth, glamor and sex in 2012 Los Angeles has not secured domestic distribution. Nonetheless, it's dropping a second trailer. Where the first painted this vague tale of vapid people with a gritty yet super-saturated grindhouse sheen, the second favors the salacious sales pitch methods of 1950s-era dramas, stripping the footage of color, caking it in film scratches and topping it off with a retro title treatment. Check it out below:

As the trailer points out, The Canyons was funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign where producer Braxton Pope explained that the filmmakers turned to crowdfunding to avoid "institutional censorship" of their unique product. Paul Schrader, who is best known for scripting Taxi Driver, served as director, but it's hard to imagine this will ever make his reel.

Obviously, this looks like a wreck. The little bit of acting we're shown sounds like a bad soap opera, and the ambiguous plot apparently involves a love triangle…and somebody making a movie…or not. Ultimately, it seems like the trailer is trying to sell the film for its laughable faults and schadenfreude appeal over any kind of merit. Plus, it appears The Canyons may skip theaters all together as the trailer threatens, "Coming soon to an internet server of your choice." Whether this means it'll be available for download on iTunes or just released on Youtube remains to be seen.