Listen To Gollum Sing 'I Dreamed A Dream' From Les Miserables

There are many, many strange YouTube videos out there to explore, and most of them aren't interesting or ridiculous enough to watch for more than a few seconds. But every now and then one of those Internet weirdos happens upon a truly amazing and terrifyingly strange talent… and to those rare few, attention must be paid.

So we honor you, YouTube user ljameswalters, who posted this video himself singing Fantine's "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables in the voice of Gollum. Yes, that Gollum. See it for yourself below.

A lot of people have done their own Gollum impressions since The Fellowship of the Ring came out 12 years ago, but none have quite nailed it the way this guy does-- much less used it to sing a very famous song. Though it's hilarious on the surface just to hear Gollum's voice singing a song you're used to hearing from polished actresses like Anne Hathaway, the lyrics actually work pretty well as a story about Gollum, even when you don't tweak the lyrics to be more specifically about him. That whole line about "The tigers come at night"? It makes a whole lot more sense when it's Gollum complaining about Bilbo Baggins.

With word of Les Miserables stars taking the stage at the Oscars on Sunday in a tribute to music at the movies, it's entirely possible Anne Hathaway will be singing "I Dreamed A Dream"… and I dare you not to think about Gollum the whole time. I know this is a song that will be burned into my eardrums for about as long as it takes to walk to Mordor.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend