Little Kid Writes Concerned Letter To George Lucas About Jedi Not Marrying, Gets Great Response

What’s a Jedi to do when he or she falls in love? Suppress those feelings, apparently. After all, if they are to abide by the Jedi code, love and personal attachments can lead one to the dark side of the Force. This didn’t sit well with one young Star Wars fan, so he did what any hopeful Padawan would do, he wrote a persuasive letter to George Lucas to rectify the situation.

According to Geek Dad, that’s exactly what a young boy named Colin did. Although, to call it persuasive would be a drastic overstatement. The letter is comprised of 36 words and is fairly blunt.

I want to get married without becoming a Sith. Please change the rule.

None of us want to end up like the Jedi Knight Hayden Christensen became, with his crazy eyes and over-exaggerations. Did getting married to Padme do that to him? Well, Lucas himself may not have responded — after all, he’s busy blowing his retirement fortune making experimental tone poems in his garage — but the good people at Lucasfilm did. And they went above and beyond for their young fan.

First, they addressed Colin’s complaints in a letter of their own. While they weren’t about to change the Star Wars doctrine that fans have been following for years, there seems to be a loop hole. What ultimately separates the Jedi from the Sith is not so much the aspect of personal connection, but the perspective behind it. Take Anakin, for example. His feelings towards Padme may have started out pure, but he quickly became selfish in his desires for her. In the letter, Lucasfilm wrote that as long as Colin finds someone to connect with in a selfless way and "with goodness in [his] heart," then he can be married and stay in the Jedi order.

But that wasn’t all Colin received. For being such a dedicated fan, Lucasfilm sent him a special gift package that included a Star Wars-themed notebook, bookmark, and books, as well as a photo of George Lucas. Of course, his mother filmed Colin’s reaction and the video is now racking up the views for being so, so priceless.

The moral of this story? It never hurts to ask. We should all write more letters to Lucasfilm in the hopes of getting some free swag. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Rogue One coming out within the next couple of years, there is a lot to write about. As Kathleen Kennedy said during the Star Wars Celebration panel last week, Lucasfilm values their fans and they want to continue giving them films they can be proud to love.