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Lizzy Caplan Joins James Franco And Seth Rogen In The Interview

It looks like Lizzy Caplan will be reuniting with Freaks and Geeks stars James Franco and Seth Rogen for The Interview, a comedy to be directed, written and produced by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. We learned back in March that Rogen and Franco were re-teaming on screen for The Interview, which would star the duo as a talk show host and producer who accidentally wind up in the middle of a plot to assassinate the prime minister of North Korea. At that time, it was said that Franco was being sought to play the role of the talk show host, while Rogen was already on board, presumably to play the talk show producer.

Today, Deadline reports that Caplan will join Franco and Rogen, playing the role of Agent Lacy in the movie. No further details about her part were mentioned, but if these two men are caught up in this plot to assassinate the prime minister of North Korea, Caplan's Lacey may be one of the agents pursuing them.

Caplan's known for a number of comedic performances, including the mouthy Janis Ian in Mean Girls and the more dryly witty role of Casey Klein in Starz's under appreciated comedy Party Down. But she's also known to dabble in drama from time to time, both on the big and small screen, with credits that include Cloverfield and the role of the ill-fated Amy Burley in True Blood. These days, you can find her starring in the TV drama Masters of Sex, which just premiered Sunday night. Her role as Virginia Johnson is a bit different from anything else she's done -- that I've seen anyway -- but it suits her nicely, as does the time period. With that said, it's great to hear she's not abandoning comedy altogether.

Caplan shares a feature credit with Franco in 127 Hours and a small screen credit with Rogen with Undeclared, in which Caplan is credited for the part of "Beautiful Girl" in one episode. But I don't think we've seen her, Franco and Rogen together in anything scripted since Caplan was in Freaks and Geeks. While Rogen and Franco co-starred in the 1999-2000 dramedy, Caplan recurred as the disco-loving Sara who took a liking to Nick (Jason Segel) in the later part of the series' brief run.

Lizzy disco

For those who want to see Caplan flexing her dramatic muscles for Showtime, watch the full first episode of Masters of Sex below.

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