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I wonder if George Miller made his pro-environmental, animated movie Happy Feet to offset the carbon footprint he’s about to create with Mad Max: Fury Road. If so, he may want to start work on that Happy Feet sequel. One won’t be enough to offset what’s shaping up to be a gas guzzling, high-octane reboot of the formerly Mel Gibson powered franchise. 130 gas guzzlers, to be exact.

The number was discovered by Moviehole in Transmoto magazine where stuntman Cameron Taylor talked about his work on Fury Road. Said Taylor, “It's a big budget deal that's got 130 cars and bikes and 298 stunts!” And apparently they’re kind of going nuts with them.

He adds, “With Stephen Gall orchestrating the bike side of the stunt program, there's Yamaha YZ250s; R1s with super-long swingarms, knobbies and beefed-up suspension; and Tenere 650s will insane paint jobs. They're going all out on this. I'm literally riding all day at the moment, jumping up cliffs and doing some technical riding.”

Here’s the best news in all of this: They’re using actual cars. Actual stuntmen. Tons of them. That means a limited number of ridiculous looking, CGI, green screen substitutes. Real stunt men. Real cars. Real motorcycles. Real jumps. Real crashes. That’s the way a proper Mad Max movie ought to be done. Get excited for Fury Road.

Mad Max: Fury Road is currently shooting in Australia with Inception's Tom Hardy in the lead as Max. Look for it in theaters some time during 2012.

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