Madea's Big Happy Family Parodies The Brady Bunch

Tyler Perry is, of course, going back to the Madea well for his next movie. To promote it, for some inexplicable reason, Madea’s Big Happy Family has taken to producing parody posters in which Madea parodies other movies. The first two were sort of insulting, with Madea taking a big dump all over Black Swan and The Godfather. I have no idea what either of those movies has to do with a Madea movie, other than as a desperate ploy to get attention, but at least this latest Madea parody poster sort of makes sense.

This time Tyler Perry has inserted himself into The Brady Bunch and, given his movie’s focus on the importance of family (a family best managed by a violent woman threatening them with firearms) this is a fit. Click the poster below to see it bigger.

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Josh Tyler