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When discussing realistic superheroes Batman is always at the top of the everyone's mind, but the truth is that Iron Man is pretty practical as well. Sure, you need a shitload of money and some serious engineering skills, but the truth is that robotic exoskeletons are actually in development and are a few guns and pieces of armor away from becoming ultimate weapons (the flying thing is still a work in progress). That said, this will probably be the coolest thing you see all day.

Gizmodo has discovered a video on a Chinese blog called Wang XiaoKang that features a video of a man in a homemade Iron Man Mark I suit going into the office. An almost perfect replica of the suit seen in Jon Favreau's 2008 movie, the suit cost only $460 to make and features a light-up arc reactor and a fan in the back to keep him cool. There is a downside, though, as the damn thing weighs 110 pounds.

Check out the video below and start getting excited for round two: he's making the Mark III armor next.