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Haunting. Driving. Ethereal. Magnificent. Composer Hans Zimmer has some of the biggest possible shoes to fill when it comes to Man of Steel. After all, he’ll be composing a score that automatically – and perhaps unfairly – will be compared to John Williams’ soundtrack for the Richard Donner Superman films … which might be one of the most recognizable pieces of film composition in Hollywood history.

No pressure.

But the above clip of samples from the upcoming Man of Steel score give us a good hint at what Zimmer has concocted for Zack Snyder’s wildly anticipated Superman reboot.

Earlier, the complete track listing for the Man of Steel soundtrack was shared via Film Music Reporter. It’s a bit spoilery, so avoid if you don’t want details on scenes from Snyder’s film. We if you want, you might be able to listen to Zimmer’s tracks (or snippets of the tracks) and try to figure out which scenes they mesh with based on tone and tempo.

We don’t pore over details of every major score to reach music shelves, but for Superman, it’s different. The DC hero has had his own brassy, ballsy soundtrack, and I’m sure Zimmer understands the importance of a majestic theme song to the enduring legacy of this screen character. So far, I am LOVING what I hear on these samples. Sadly, it makes me want to listen to the entire score immediately. But we’ll have to wait until June 11 for the soundtrack to reach stores … and even longer than that to see the actual movie. Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14. Here’s what it might sound like.