Man Who Threw Hot Dog At Tiger Woods Says He Was Inspired By Drive

As stunning and incredible as Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive may be, apparently it's developing a habit of making people do some incredibly dumb things. It began earlier this week when it was reported that a woman suing Film District, the studio distributing the movie, because the trailer led her to believe that Drive was a Fast and Furious-style action film. As remarkably idiotic as that is, however, it's nothing compared to this new story.

Last weekend a man threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods during the Open and when asked what his reasoning was, he said that he was inspired by Refn's movie. Speaking with the Santa Rosa Press Democrat (via Deadspin), the man, named Brandon Kelly, said that the film made him feel as though he needed to do something "courageous and epic," and apparently he felt throwing food at the greatest golfer on Earth was the best way to do that. During the morning prior to the incident Kelly took a picture of himself holding a hot dog while sitting in his car. As for his opinion on Woods, Kelly said, "I honestly wish Tiger the best. One day I hope he breaks Jack Nicklaus' record."

I must admit that I am kind of left speechless by this story. How does throwing a hot dog equate to a courageous and epic act? What's more, apparently the hot dog didn't land anywhere close to Woods, so his mission ended up being a total failure. Now all I'm left wondering is if there's a police charge for premeditated imbecility.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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