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Mark Hamill Will Reveal Some Of The Star Wars 8 Plot, On One Condition

Mark Hamill is actually one of the most entertaining people on Twitter. Nobody seems to have more fun with their fans than he does. His newest game, however, has a goal. Hamill has been teasing the Twittersphere today with what appears to be his copy of the Star Wars: Episode VIII script and is promising to reveal one spoiler from the movie, but only if he reaches 1 million followers.

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Our first guess would be this is Mark Hamill making an April Fool’s Day joke. This is the day for people to say things they don’t really mean, after all. We’re not convinced that this isn’t the case, though, as fans we can’t help but hope that this scheme (scam?) is true. Under the hashtag #HAMILLION the Star Wars actor is lobbying to reach his million followers. It certainly seems to be working. When he posted this tweet, he was apparently 21,000 short of that goal, but as of this writing, a few hours later, he stands only 16,000 short. At this rate it will take a couple of days of get to his million, so by then it better not be an April Fool’s Day joke.

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Mark Hamill calls the reveal he will make a "stunning plot point" which does make our minds begin to race. Could he give us a clue as to who some of the new cast, like Laura Dern or Benicio Del Toro, will be playing? Will we gain more insight into the character being played by Kelly Marie Tran, who is sounding more important than we thought? Of, course, it’s also possible that what Mark Hamill considers a stunning plot point and what we do could be very different things. Part of the fun the actor has on Twitter occasionally includes actively messing with people.

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We’re not 100% sure we even buy that he has an actual script. Based on what we’ve heard about the way those things are protected, it seems unlikely they would actually give a full script to the film. What do you think? Will Mark Hamill give us a real spoiler, or is he just screwing around. If you all go follow him on Twitter, maybe we’ll find out for sure.

Dirk Libbey
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