Mark Millar To Direct A Secret Superhero Movie

Kick-Ass is all set to drop in April, and if it lives up to the incredible amount of hype that has been built up by film bloggers and journalists, Mark Millar, the writer of the comic book series, is going to have to disconnect his phone so that the constant ringing won't drive him mad. Millar has already been linked to the Superman franchise (though plans were canceled last March) and has promised a sequel to his most recent series, but it looks like his immediate plans are not to tie himself to any studio or even any known characters. Instead, he's going into business for himself.

The writer recently spoke with IGN and announced that he will be directing a superhero movie of his own, filmed in his native Scotland, this year. The project will be independently financed, just as Kick-Ass was, allowing Millar to maintain all creative control. He explains, "to suddenly go into a studio system where you have lots of people who can make decisions about what you are doing in your work I find slightly uncomfortable...what I really learned from [Kick-Ass] is that you stand or fall on your own talent." The film will also be written by Millar, who has already begun pre-production.

While it is exciting to see Millar boldly stepping into the film world, this does leave some question marks in regards to Nemesis, Millar's "what if Bruce Wayne was evil" project. Recent rumor suggested that the writer has been searching around for a director, with names such as Sam Raimi and Guy Ritchie in the mix, so that would seem to suggest that this movie is a separate entity. As great as Nemesis sounds, however, we might want to have patience. Word has gotten around that one of Kick-Ass' greatest strengths was Millar's watchful eye which ensured that it kept close to the source material.

Check out the video of the interview below and, to make it more fun, try and transcribe everything Millar says. Every day I find it harder to believe that the people of Scotland speak English.

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