Martin Scorsese May Direct The Mike Tyson Biopic, Get The Details

With just "a couple of projects" standing between Martin Scorsese and any possible chance of retirement, every project announced could mean we're one step closer to the end of the line. So naturally, it would be a wise move for the talented filmmaker to start capping off his decades-long career of excellence with projects that scream quality. Will the the Mike Tyson biopic, starring Jamie Foxx, be one of them?

Leave it to Foxx himself to spill the beans, as Uproxx caught the Academy Award winner doing his rounds on a morning radio show, which gave the actor a great platform to announce that he's definitely playing Mike Tyson. Much like how Tyson confirmed the involvement of Jamie Foxx in the lead role, Foxx name dropped Martin Scorsese as the directorial muscle behind the boxing biopic. Considering how well regarded Raging Bull is to this very day, this project is starting to sound more and more exciting.

Of course, Scorsese has a bit of a habit of leaving a director's chair as quickly as he's attached. Just ask the fans whose hopes have been dashed for either his Ramones biopic or the Universal adaptation of The Snowman being the next film in line for production. Not to mention, there's always the chance that Scorsese's current partner in crime, Paramount Pictures, might not be interested in adapting the story of such a controversial figure like Mike Tyson. It's not that likely of a scenario, but one that's probably run through the minds of the folks at the top of the Hollywood mountain at one point or another.

Should a Mike Tyson biopic with Martin Scorsese's strong directorial hand get off of the ground, and with Jamie Foxx in the lead role, the possibilities are extremely golden. Not to mention, if Scorsese's generous, he could offer cherry roles in the film to frequent collaborators like Leonardo DiCaprio or Robert De Niro -- roles that could almost assuredly could get them all into the Oscar conversation. But we are getting way aheead of ourselves.

Even more exciting is thinking about how method of a performance that Martin Scorsese could get out of Jamie Foxx. All kidding about Annie aside, this is the man that was approved by Ray Charles to tell his life story. That seal of approval was ultimately vindicated with the Best Actor trophy going to Foxx's nuanced performance in Ray, and lightning could strike again with Foxx being set to play the older and younger versions of Mike Tyson in all of his infamy. Of course, no official confirmation has come from Paramount or Scorsese yet, but you can definitely find the legendary auteur's next film, Silence, on whatever 2016 release date it settles down upon.

Mike Reyes
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