As much as people liked The Avengers, I highly doubt a large percentage of fans would be excited about watching a sequel of equal length in which the mayor heroically organizes the public works department to clean up the ungodly mess that last battle left behind. Something tells me that plot wouldn’t have quite the same appeal. Thankfully, Marvel seems aware of this. There will be no feature-length follow up about garbage men; however, there will be a short film entitled Item 47 included as a Blu-Ray extra that’ll chronicle Mean Girls’ Lizzie Caplan and Flags Of Our Father’s Jesse Bradford as they stumble upon a leftover weapon and decide to embark on a Bonnie and Clyde style crime spree.

Agent Sitwell will also star as the man ordered to stop them, and if the poster is any indication, fans should start getting real excited in a hurry. Featuring an almost Watchmen-esque sea of carnage, the still gives fans a look at the desolate day after and offers the tagline “The Avengers Won The Battle, But A Few Items Were Left Behind.” You can take a look at the poster below…

In addition to the poster, Marvel also let fans in on another surprise this morning. Those attending Comic Con will be offered the chance to download a special app that will work as a scavenger hunt guide to clues, ultimately leading to a special showing of Item 47. For more information on that, you can head over to Entertainment Weekly.

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