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Mattel Finally Making Real Hoverboards In Time For Christmas 2012

I've been looking forward to the year 2015 since I was a child, and I know I'm not the only one. Thanks to the promises made in Back to the Future Part 2, 2015 was supposed to be a year full of amazing technological achievements, from leashes that walk the dogs by themselves, self-drying jackets, video games where you don't have to use your hands, flying cars, and most magical of all, the Hoverboard. Yes, obviously, Back to the Future Part 2 was a work of fiction and speculation by some Hollywood screenwriters, but when you're a kid you don't know that; I dreamed of a Hoverboard for years, right along with the rehydrated pizzas and self-lacing sneakers, and even with 2015 just three years away, I still can't quite give up on the idea that we might get there in time.

And now Mattel, of all people, is actually stepping up to the plate to make the dream come true. Over the weekend during Toy Fair (via Slashfilm) Mattel announced that they'll be manufacturing hoverboards in time for Christmas this year, with pre-orders available in March. An image of the product has been leaked out of Toy Fair, though if you're familiar enough with Back to the Future, it will probably just look very familiar.

The official product description includes the cheeky mention that it "does not work on water," but also says the hoverboard "glides over most surfaces," through a method that isn't really explained here. This might be obvious, but it doesn't actually "hover"-- unfortunately that technology, along with the flying cars, hasn't quite arrived. There's also no price for the product yet, though it's described as a "high-cost item" that will not go into production unless a minimum number of orders are made. Here's hoping it's at least a little more affordable than the power-lacing Nikes that went on the market last fall. Will you buy a Hoverboard when it becomes available? After all, it is three years earlier than promised...

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend