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Matthew McConaughey had a tremendous 2012, officially reinventing his pretty-boy rom-com image into that of a daring character actor concerned more with script and directorial choices than he seemed to have been in the past. It led to acclaimed performances in movies like Magic Mike, Bernie and Mud, which played Cannes but delayed its theatrical release until 2013

Jeff Nichols’ drama currently is gearing up for a limited release in April, prompting EW to share a poster. Take a look:

In Mud, McConaughey plays an escaped convict trying to reconcile with the love of his life (Reese Witherspoon) who receives unexpected help from two young boys. Katey reported on the film from Sundance last month, where she called the Arkansas coming-of-age film “a little too wily and heartfelt for mainstream release … [with] a few more characters than it has room to support.” She did acknowledge, however, that McConaughey was “the central force of the film,” and he excels as “a benevolent but also terrifying father figure for both boys who, in some ways, is as naive as they are.”

Nichols is almost as noteworthy as McConaughey when it comes to a festival-darling picture like Mud, which needs to lean on the strength of a powerful lead performance to guide populist crowds into theaters. The strength of Michael Shannon’s stirring performance shined more light on Nichols’ last film, Take Shelter, and it’s wholly possible that the drawing power of McConaughey helps sell more tickets to Mud that we’d expect. The movie hits theaters in April. Do you think you will check it out?