Matthew Vaughn May Stay In Comic World For Next Project

UPDATE: Mark Millar, who gets quite badmouthed in Latino Review's report, has responded to the article by saying that Bloodshot was offered to Vaughn months ago, but Vaughn turned it down.

In just three weeks, Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass will be hitting theaters stateside and months of anticipation will be quelled by insane violence and an ass-kicking 13-year-old girl. The film represents Vaughn's first foray with adapting a comic book property, and evidently he liked itm because he's looking at a second.

A Latino Review insider has discovered that Vaughn is planning to adapt the comic Bloodshot for his project. Not nearly as well known as names like Spider-Man or the X-Men, the comic centers on a Mob hit-man named Angelo Mortalli who is betrayed and killed by his own crime family. In an attempt to extract information from his dead body, the FBI injects Mortalli's blood with nanites to retrieve information. He is brought back to life with incredible strength and abilities, but no memory of what happened to him. Basically, it's Bourne with buckets of blood.

People are constantly questioning how well Thor will perform because he's not one of the bigger names in the Marvel universe, so how exactly does this work? There is no denying that a comic book movie done right can be tremendously entertaining, but how do you get an audience invested in a 16-year-old property that few in the comic world were even attached to? To start his career as a director, Vaughn has already proven himself to be more than capable, but this will be an interesting development should a) it be true and b) he sticks with it.

Eric Eisenberg
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