Matthew Vaughn Rumored For The Upcoming Star Wars Sequel

Every so often a major blockbuster is announced and Hollywood races to figure out who will be the proper director to helm the project. We've seen it recently in cases like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (a job that ended up going to Cloverfield director Matt Reeves) and DC Comics' The Justice League (a hunt that hasn't been resolved yet), but last week a film bigger than even those fell on the table: Star Wars Episode VII. Ever since it was announced that Lucasfilm was being sold to Disney there has been an insane amount of speculation as to who the studio would hire to direct the latest chapter in the space saga. Today a new rumor has popped up suggesting a possible identity.

Collider has learned of a rumor - and please put an extra special emphasis on rumor in this case - that Matthew Vaughn, best known for helming X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass, Stardust, and Layer Cake is currently in talks to direct the latest Star Wars movie. To add to the rumor, it's suggested that the new project is the reason why Vaughn dropped out of directing the upcoming X-Men sequel, a gig that eventually went to Bryan Singer. It's been said that the new sci-fi film already has a full treatment in the works, but production on the movie is likely still a long way off, as Disney won't be releasing it until 2015.

It's very, very possible that this is all conjecture, artifice and suggestion, but what would you think of Vaughn as the director of Star Wars Episode VII? Would you support the choice? Would you want to see him get a crack at the script as well, given his previous credits? Let us know in the comments section!

Eric Eisenberg
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