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Megan Fox seems to have no illusions about the source of her recent celebrity. People like her because she has a hot body not because she’s a great actress, and judging by the kinds of projects she’s signed up for she’s embracing that. You can tell just from the titles. Aside from Transformers 2 she’s in Whore and Jennifer’s Body. Now add a half-naked mermaid movie onto that upcoming, sex-soaked filmography.

NowMagazine, citing a rather vague and mysterious source called “Daily Star” says she’s signed up to play a half babe, half fish in a movie adaptation of the comic Fathom. And, since it’s Megan Fox, the producers promise she’ll spend a lot of time wearing a bikini.

In the film, Megan will star as a character named Aspen, who is a member of a race called The Blue. In the comics, Aspen first appears as a human girl with amnesia, discovered by the crew of a cruise liner named Paradise. She’s adopted and raised by humans, and eventually gets involved in some military naval project where all sorts of mysterious questions are asked about her origin. Apparently she’s a member of a race who can control water, they sound like an entire underwater world of Aquamen. From the descriptions of the comic, it also doesn’t sound like she’ll be a traditional mermaid. In other words, don’t expect a tail. After all, that would be a waste of Megan Fox’s lovely legs.

At one point James Cameron was actually interested in doing something with this project, but it never amounted to anything and he soon became wrapped up in Avatar. IESB, stepping up a few days ago to further confirm the story, says it’s now being made by Fox Atomic, which makes sense since they’re also responsible for one of Megan’s other big projects, Jennifer’s Body.

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