Megan Fox Gets Wet For Fathom

Fox Atomic, like everyone in America, has been looking for an excuse to get Megan Fox in a bikini. They’ve found one, by casting her in the underwater superhero movie Fathom.

This is actually the second go-round for this story. It was a rumor which first started circulating back in October, but it’s only now that the trades have gotten around to confirming it.

Fathom is being adapted from a comic book of the same name, by Jordan Mechner, a writer primarily known for scripting videogames like Prince of Persia. It casts Megan Fox as a marine-biologist who realizes she has water-based superpowers and is actually part of a secret, underwater race. For some reason, this concept sucks when it’s a dude. I mean nobody seriously wants to see an Aquaman movie. Make Aquaman a bikini clad girl though, and suddenly there’s a reason to be interested. We really are a silly, silly people.

When not wearing a bikini and dripping all over your movie screen, Megan Fox is also lined up to appear in Jonah Hex. That's yet another comic book adaptation. This one stars Josh Brolin as a bounty hunter tracking a vodoo magician played by John Malkovich. Megan will play Leila, the obligatory love interest.

Josh Tyler