Megan Fox Offered Red Sonja's Chainmail Bikini? UPDATED

UPDATE! Megan Fox's publicist tells Moviefone that there's no truth to the following rumor.

It was back in 2008 that Robert Rodriguez first unveiled his plans to make a movie based on the popular Conan the Barbarian spinoff character Red Sonja, with Rose McGowan in the lead as the titular barbarianess badass. And then, for reasons that still aren’t really clear, the project went nowhere and all we’re left is a bunch of really cool teaser posters (like the one in this story) and a collector’s item t-shirt featuring McGowan as the character, which now sits hidden in the back of my closet waiting for the right Ebay moment.

But just because McGowan and Rodriguez seem to be out of the picture (in fact McGowan is set to play a different Conan universe character in the upcoming Conan the Barbarian reboot) doesn’t mean Red Sonja is totally dead. In fact Pajiba says it’s alive and well and what’s more, the part has been offered to Megan Fox. That makes sense, she’s kind of like a hotter version of Rose McGowan circa 1997.

According to their sources, however, this isn’t the same Red Sonja Rodriguez had planned. That project has been scrapped and Millineum Films is searching for a new writer and presumably a new director. This take is supposed to be about a teenager who morphs into some sort of super babe warrior. The way Pajiba describes it in their rumor, this Red Sonja sounds more like Shazam! for girls than a sword and sorcery story about a girl who survives a rape and goes looking for revenge.

For now, consider it all a rumor, but a fun one. Megan Fox seems like a perfect fit for this, assuming of course she can actually act, something of which we’ve had absolutely no evidence yet. She did sort of convincingly pull off a murderous badass in Jennifer’s Body, but that was more about looking hot and waiting for someone to CGI in a bunch of pointy teeth.

Josh Tyler