Michael Cera Lists His Favorite Movies For Random Coffee Drinkers

Normally you’d expect actors to be different people off camera than they are on, but Michael Cera is one actor who seems to be every bit as Michael Cera as he can be. The way he writes is Michael Cera, even his favorite movies are Michael Cera. He’s even friendly like Michael Cera. We know this because he randomly wandered into a coffee shop on vacation and for no apparent reason spent the next two hours just hanging out with this guy whom he met there.

They talked mostly about movies and when Michael Cera left to continue on his tour, he gave the guy this very Michael Cera sheet of paper:

Yep, that’s just about what I’d expect from his penmanship, and the paper looks almost as though it was pre-crumpled by Cera to be just the right level of hipster ironic. His taste in movies is pretty good though, an eclectic and thoughtful mix of old and new. Good call on circling Rear Window in your Hitchock category. It’s my favorite Hitch too.

Actually it’s almost too thoughtful. Too perfect. I’d automatically dismiss it as a fake if the guy didn’t have a picture of himself toasting coffee cups with Mikey C. Wouldn’t the real Cera have some sort of crazy, guilty pleasure movie somewhere in his mix of favorites? More importantly, Michael Cera can’t really be this Michael Cera-y can he?

What do you think? Real or not?

Josh Tyler