Cinema Blend often complains when Hollywood’s lack of originality rears its ugly head when they remake or copycat another movie. Well, how bad is it when you copy cat the same movie you made over a decade ago?

I’ll give Disney credit. If they are gonna rip somebody off, it might as well be themselves. Disney Adventures magazine brings us news of another Mighty Ducks movie. Oh but not just another sequel, an almost identical plot line as well.

Joshua Jackson and Emilio Estevez will return with Jackson’s character, Charlie, in the forefront. Charlie’s grown up now but he isn’t the sweet understanding kid from the original. When he gets arrested, the judge forces him into community service coaching a youth hockey team. He asks Coach Bombay (Estevez) to help out. Hmm.. my spidey sense is tingling. Isn’t this IDENTICAL plot of the first Mighty Ducks movie?? Is Bombay basically Hans now? I always thought Hans was probably a molester, but that’s for another tangent.

Damn, now this is what is wrong with the criminal justice system. Criminals are put in charge of kids. We obviously see Estevez’s bad influence on young Charlie. CRIME BEGATS CRIME! Put their arses in jail and save us from future sequels!!
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