Minecraft Movie In The Works At Warner Bros

Jeepers creepers, a Minecraft movie? What will they think of next? Ok, given how popular the video game franchise is, it's not a huge surprise that it may spawn as a movie. Confirmation that Warner Brothers is working on a potential Minecraft film came from game designer Markus "Notch" Persson, who leaked that nugget if info on his Twitter tonight...

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Following the Tweet-"leak," Deadline shared an update, stating that Warner Bros. just acquired the rights to the game. The LEGO Movie producer Roy Lee is among the people currently handling the project. Between that and the nature of the "open sandbox" game, which allows players to create a virtual environment using blocks, we might have jumped to the conclusion that the film would be animated, however Deadline says WB is going live-action for this. Jill Messick (Mean Girls, Hot Rod) is also said to be involved with the production.

Given the focus of the game as it relates to breaking and placing blocks, we might assume that the story will involve building somehow, but no details on the plot have been mentioned. It also may be a good guess to bet that "Steve," the default player of the game, will be among the characters if he isn't the lead. There are also creepers, spiders, zombies and other monsters that could factor into the plot somehow.

Minecraft's popularity has already pushed it into the mainstream spotlight. Just last Fall, Minecraft was at the center of a South Park episode, in which the kids used facts about the game as the password for an app that was meant to block "murder porn" from their parents' TVs, resulting in Randy and Sharon having to learn how to play Minecraft to gain access to their murder/crime shows and indulge in their craving for TV violence. I'm not sure it was quite up to the level of the World of Warcraft episode, but it was a great way to work Minecraft into the show (and poke fun at some adults' preferences for dark television shows).

If you're a fan of the game on PS4 or Xbox, read about the latest patch here.

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