The sudden onslaught of intersecting love stories should come as a surprise to no one. They are perfect set-ups for ensemble casts which can be stuffed with A-list talent who have to take a pay cut to allow others to come on. It's Hollywood's perfect storm and the formula has yet to fail, even when the project turns into two hours of suck (Read: He's Just Not That Into You). Garry Marshall's Valentine's Day is set to come out in February, and now we have another one coming down the chute.

Dreamworks has picked up a pitch from writer Andrea McCloud titled I Saw You, based on the comics anthology edited by Julia Wertz, according to THR. The collection is based on a series of real-life missed connections found on Craigslist and in local newspapers and will be published by Three Rivers Press in February. George Tillman Jr. (Soul Food, Notorious) is currently attached to direct and produce.

Feel free to revoke my man card here, but I legitimately like Love, Actually, which, to me, says that a romantic comedy done right has the ability to attract a male audience. The trailer for Valentine's Day made me want to punch a hole in my monitor, so here is hoping that this new project can deliver. Here is a hint: less Ashton Kutcher, more British people.

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