Mondo Reveals Four More Exclusive Avengers Posters

Mondo continues to take over the movie-fandom community, one poster at a time. Days after the Austin-based art company revealed unique character posters for The Avengers heroes Black Widow and Hawkeye -- designed by Olly Moss and Tom Whalen, respectively – they’re following up with new one-sheets for the remaining team members. Iron Man went to Captain America was posted to Hulk ended up on BadassDigest. And Thor flew to But we have all four below for you to peruse.

My favorite, by far, is the Iron Man one designed by Kevin Tong, though Martin Ansin’s Thor – with its lightning-bolt disruptions – is a close second. Phantom City Creative’s Captain America does absolutely nothing for me. But if you like it, or any of the above posters, they’ll be available for purchase at some point over the next few days. As with all of the Mondo posters, these are limited-edition prints, and once they’re gone, that’s it. Fans are encouraged to follow the company at @MondoNews for exact details on the sales, and linger near Twitter if you really want them. The Hawkeye and Black Widow ones disappeared quickly when they went on sale last week.

As for The Avengers movie, itself, it finally opens on May 4 and has been screening for various members of the CinemaBlend staff. Reviews have been over-the-top positive (read Eric’s right here), so brace yourself for the Marvel insanity that’s about to envelop theaters in a few days.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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