Monica Bellucci Embraces Sex Trafficking

Monia Bellucci is joining Rachel Weisz in the fight against sex trafficking. Screen Daily says she’s been added to the cast of The Whistleblower along with Vanessa Redgrave and David Strathairn.

Weisz was already on board to play a Nebraska cop serving as a peackeeper in post-war Bosnia. While on the job, she discovers that the United Nations has been covering up a sex-trafficking scandal and exposes it. No word yet on how Bellucci fits in but even well into her forties putting the word “sex” in close proximity to her sends unwarranted shivers down the spine of testosterone filled males. She’d be sort of wasted as a cop, maybe she’ll be trafficked.

The Whistleblower starts shooting October 26th in Romania. That means by this time next year we’ll be forced to endure interviews in which Rachel Weisz pleads for the life of young girls sold into erotic slavery by attempting to convince American fathers that their kid could be next. Seriously Dads, don’t worry. The odds are in your lovely daughter’s favor and if you’re really worried, just ugly her up by forcing her to shop at Wal-Mart. Keep her on the right side of the Mexican border, keep her off the pole, and everything will be fine.

Google Tip: Searching for pictures of Monica Bellucci may result in the transmission of a malicious virus... but it's worth it.

Josh Tyler