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For better or (more likely) worse, Big Momma is coming back to town. And she’s bringing along a whole new group of friends and family. According to The Hollywood Reporter, four more actors have joined the Big Momma’s House franchise. Faizon Love (Couple’s Retreat), Portia Doubleday(Youth in Revolt), Emily Rios, and Michelle Ang are joining the already-cast Brandon T. Jackson and Jennifer Lucas for the next idiotic installment of Martin Lawrence cross-dressing into a big, fat undercover motha. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son,

In this Big Momma story, the titular character and Jackson head undercover to an all-girls school to find a murderer. Hilarity ensues. Faizon Love’s character is a security guard who inexplicably develops a crush on Big Momma. Keep the laughs coming. The rest of the cast are female students at the school who become friends with Little Momma (Jackson). I’m practically doubled over already.

As bad as this series is, there’s no denying its commercial viability. In fact, its critical success (0) is inversely proportional to its monetary success ($310 million worldwide). Why not chuck the drag on and go back to the big fat well? Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Sonis set to start filming this June in Atlanta.

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