We reported earlier today on how certain Dan Aykroyd is that a Ghostbusters 3 is not only possible, but being written right this second. Now Pajiba says they have the secret behind-the-scenes details, which involves a weird battle between original Ghostbusters stars and, uh, two of the geniuses behind The Office.

Pajiba writes, "A couple of guys named Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, who are writers for The Office and wrote the script for the forthcoming Year One, had been secretly working on a script for Ghostbusters 3. Their idea was that they’d hand it off to a new generation of Ghostbusters. However, Columbia Pictures never actually told Harold Ramis they were working on the script. Oops.",

Apparently Ramis was sent Stupnitsky and Eisenberg's outline, which he then changed so much that Columbia hated it. "Columbia Pictures is now worried because they don’t like any of Ramis’ ideas, all of which presumably puts the future of Ghostbusters 3 up in the air.",

Here's the funny thing-- Year One, the movie Stupnitsky and Eisenberg wrote, is directed by Harold Ramis. Presumably he knows the guys, but apparently neither of them bothered to tell their director that they were working on a remake of one of his most iconic movies. Is this just Ramis being jealous that two upstarts are stealing his thunder? Or was there bad blood on the Year One set that has now blown up in the face of Ghostbusters? The idea of a Ghostbusters written by the Office guys is so promising, but not if Dr. Egon Spengler isn't on board..

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