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Must Watch: Red Band Trailer For Indonesian Action Film The Raid

I hadn't heard of Gareth Evans' Indonesian action film The Raid before last night. Up late and regularly updating Twitter, I noticed a string of overwhelmingly positive comments about the movie coming out of the premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. I made a mental note of it and today the first redband trailer has arrived online. After watching it I began to understand what people were raving about. Check out the trailer below, courtesy of MTV.

Holy shit, right? The film looks absolutely balls-to-the-wall, filled with awesome cinematography and choreography. Both written and directed by Evans, the film is about an elite police squad that invades a 30-story high rise to take down a kingpin. The film doesn't currently have a US release date, but it is set to be distributed by Sony Pictures in 2012. If the film is anything like the final cut of the film - and judging from critical reaction it will be - this looks like it's going to be a title to highly anticipate.

To go along with the trailer, Badass Digest has found a poster. Check it out below or full size over on the site.

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