Football season is almost here but it would seem that the National Football League isn't pleased with just taking over television every Sunday - they want the big screen too. The NFL is now looking to team with Flame Ventures to produce Week 14, a new football-based drama. Tony Krantz, who owns Flam Ventures and is best known for producing movies like Mulholland Dr. and the television show Sports Night, will direct the movie based on a script by Ron Shelton. The writer is no stranger to sports drama, as he most notably wrote the script for the classic Kevin Costner baseball movie Bull Durham as well as the boxing film Play It To The Bone.

According to Variety, CAA is currently shopping around the project to major studios and they are expected to bid on it in the coming weeks. As of now the plan is to start production on the movie after this year's Super Bowl, which is set to be played on February 3, 2013. The movie is described as being "in the vein of Crash" and will follow fictional players, coaches and families through the final three weeks of the NFL season (for those that don't know, the NFL season is 17 weeks long, each team playing 16 games and each one having a bye week). The script has already been completed and is being described as having PG-13 content, as the league is "very protective of its family-friendly brand."

Krantz has not directed a feature film since 2010's The Big Bang, starring Antonio Banderas, while Shelton's last big screen writing effort came in the form of Michael Bay's 2003 sequel Bad Boys II.

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