Nacho Libre Fights Midget Beasts

My excitement over Jack Black's religious wrestling opus Nacho Libre has just cooled off a little. Paramount has released a new clip from the film, featuring Jack in full Nacho attire, fighting two vicious little cat-midgets in the ring.

Here's the thing: It's not funny. Not even a little. Now I'm pretty sure a lot of people are going to go absolutely apeshit over it… but these are probably going to be the sorts of people who already like wrestling. By the way, did you know wrestling is fake? You can tell because it looks fake.

The problem with the clip isn't that the wrestling is bad, but that's its just plain old wrestling with midgets. I mean, we've seen that before. I could see it right now, if I was self-hating enough to flip the channel over to the WWE or WWF or whatever they're calling that crap these days. Woo hoo. There's no comedy there. Nothing interesting, nothing worth a chuckle. Not because they're trying to be funny and failing, but because they just aren't trying. It's just wrestling and I guess we're supposed to laugh because Nacho's opponents are small or something.

Excuse me while I engage in a yawn.

Hopefully, this is just a lull in the actual movie, and they chose the wrong clip to use in promoting it. Judge for yourself by clicking over to our video page here and watching the latest clip.

Josh Tyler