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Earlier this year Natalie Portman took off her hair in V for Vendetta, for her next movie she’s taking off her clothes. According to BANG Media, Natalie has filmed nude torture scenes for her part in the upcoming Milos Foreman movie Goya’s Ghosts.

What’s interesting about this, besides the obvious skin implications, is that the last time Natalie filmed nude scenes for a movie she changed her mind at the last minute and lobbied successfully for the director to have them cut. The result was Closer, a movie in which she played a stripper who inexplicably never stripped anything off.

Natalie has in the past admitted that she’s got a problem with nude scenes, and claims she’s never been comfortable as a sex object. So the question here is whether or not Foreman’s Natalie nudity will make it to the final cut?

In the film, Natalie plays the muse of painter Francisco Goya. She becomes embroiled in controversy when she and Goya are labeled heretics by a monk. How this leads to totally naked torture is anyone’s guess, but apparently that’s a pivotal scene in the film.

So start the watch. Will Portman’s nude scene make it to theaters this time, or will she panic at the last minute and have it snipped? At least this time she’s not playing a stripper, I doubt this movie will suffer if a little bit of skin is from the picture. You can’t blame her for being hesitant, how many of you are ready to drop your drawers on camera and end up as part of MrSkin.com? I know I’m not.