National Treasure 3 In 2011

Even though no one particularly liked it, the second National Treasure movie made a ridiculous amount of money. More than the first one, which most seemed to dig. That of course means there will be a third one on the way, and today in an online press conference promoting the DVD release of National Treasure: Book of Secrets director Jon Turteltaub laid out a time table for the arrival of National Treasure 3.

Speaking of the next installment he says, “I'm guessing that we're a few years away. By the time we come up with a decent idea and develop it into a complicated and intelligent puzzle it's going to be at least 2009. Then to prep it and cast it... it should be three years away.” That’d put it in 2011. Three years was about the time lapse between the first and second films as well, with the first one coming out in 2004 and the second in 2007.

Turteltaub though doesn’t feel that the National Treasure sequels are driven by money. He thinks I’m a cynical bastard. He’s probably right. Jon justifies the franchise this way: “This movie begets sequels because it's the kind of genre MEANT to beget sequels.”

Turteltaub didn’t confirm whether he’d actually be directing the third movie, but he does sound open to it. In the meantime though, it sounds like he’s also ready to get away from lurking around national monuments and try something different. Ready is actually kind of an understatement. When asked if he’d like to do something else, Turtletaub said, “YES!! Please let me make something else! PLEASE!!!!” I agree. The world needs more 3 Ninjas movies.

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Josh Tyler