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Do you enjoy stories about criminals being caught for stupid oversights? Us too!

Since shortly after New Years Day, Raleigh, North Carolina has been plagued by a string of home invasions and car break-ins. While Batman was bringing in crooks in the UK, the collar on bringing down this band of thieves goes to Netflix.

News Observer reports the Raleigh police force has tracked down enough stolen property to fill four sheets of paperwork. Among the inventory were televisions, power tools, GPS units, and watches. All recovered thanks to someone stealing Netflix.

How does that work? Well, one of the victims of these thefts had his Netflix account information stored on his television, so when it was stolen, the cops were able to trace its location when the TV's new owner logged in to stream some movies. This person in possession of this stolen property, told police he had bought the hot TV from one Tchannen Hall. A subsequent search of Hall's pickup truck and home revealed the aforementioned stash of stolen goods, and may lead police to Hall's criminal associates.

Presumably Netflix worked in co-operation with the Raleigh police force and detective L.G. Bear, who has been delivering statements about the case's progress to the press. Pleased with the results, they shared this story via tweet:

After some serious backlash over the site's changes in layout and subscription format, Netflix has been winning over detractors and scoring more fans thanks to their expansive Now Streaming catalogue, enticing original content like House of Cards, and for the seemingly impossible, bringing back the long-wished-for Arrested Development. And now Netflix is fighting crime. Boom.