Newest Ant-Man Trailer Is The Weirdest, Best One Yet

Are you sick of all the Ant-Man trailers and TV spots spoiling key parts of the movie? If so, you're probably going to love this brand new marketing bit for the blockbuster, as it not only doesn't feature any spoilers, but actually doesn't even bother showing off any footage. Check it out below, and prepare to both laugh and say, "What the fuck?"

This new trailer was posted by Walt Disney Studios' official Facebook page, and it kind of exists beyond explanation. Somebody thought it a perfect idea to get Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas together on a strange set, have them start snapping/clapping/hitting themselves, and start chanting about ants. And I, for one, am a big fan of the final product.

Beyond the reasons why this exists, or how anyone in the marketing department actually got this made, I'm curious as to exactly where this shot is being filmed. It's certainly not a set from the actual production of the movie, and the details of it are incredibly strange, from all of the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling to what looks like strange farm equipment on a shelf in the back.


To return to the point that I was making at the start of this article, I'll fully admit that this is now my favorite trailer for Ant-Man. During the final stage of a movie's pre-release marketing, so much of what is shown in ads is either incredibly repetitive or - as Ant-Man has done repeatedly - increasingly spoiler-y. This spot is neither of those things, and has the bonus of being brief yet very enjoyable. The new Peyton Reed-directed movie is arguably the oddest that Marvel Studios has released yet, and it feels like this TV spot was made in spirit of that idea.

Really, the marketing for Ant-Man has done all that it can by this point. Professional reviews are everywhere, and the movie is now out in theaters around the world - and performing rather well so far (international numbers have it at $114 million gross after its first three days). Buzz on the film has been positive, so we'll see how well it continues to do as the summer weeks continue and more big studio films start to arrive in theaters. You should definitely stay tuned in the next few days, as we have plenty more interesting coverage of the comic book movie from the filmmakers and stars coming your way!

Eric Eisenberg
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