Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Megan Mullally Get Nuts In New Somebody Up There Likes Me Promo

Allow me to prevent all of you reading this while bound to a desk from being fired: the following promo is definitely NSFW!

I must say that this is pretty damn effective marketing. I have absolutely no idea what Somebody Up There Likes Me is actually about, but if the creative minds behind this promo trailer are responsible for a feature film than you can count me in. I also happen to be a huge fan of Parks and Recreation, so I can definitely appreciate getting Adam Scott and Amy Poehler involved with the marketing.

The quickest among you may remember that this actually isn't the first non-trailer for Somebody Up There Likes Me, as the movie released an earlier one all the way back in July of last year. The funny thing is that while Scott is singled out for not actually being in the film despite appearing in the trailer, Alison Brie, who has now appeared in both promos, isn't actually in the movie either. I guess she just likes hanging out with Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally while they smoke weed and talk about their new indie movie.

Written and directed by Bob Byington, Somebody Up There Likes Me was featured on the South by Southwest slate in 2012 and is now in limited release and available On-Demand. The plot centers on two friends, played by Keith Poulson and Offerman, who both happen to be in love with the same girl (Jess Weixler). For more about the movie, head over to their official website.

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