Nicolas Cage Signs His Deal For Ghost Rider 2

Apparently unaware that nobody is all that into the idea, Nicolas Cage has been talking nearly nonstop about making a Ghost Rider 2 since the first film wrapped. It's a little more serious than just a dream vanity project, though-- last we heard the Crank guys Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor were in negotiations to direct the sequel, with David S. Goyer on board to write the script. Now as Cage goes on the publicity rounds for The Sorcerer's Apprentice, he confirms again that it's all really happening.

Talking on last night's The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson (via Coming Soon), Cage confirmed "there's gonna be a new one" and told the host, "I just made the deal today." Of course there was never any real doubt that Cage would get on board if the studio would just agree to fund the film, but it's good to have confirmation anyway.

Now as for whether or not the world needs another Ghost Rider movie… that's a little less clear. Bringing in Neveldine and Taylor as the directors would obviously make things a little more interesting, and Goyer earned a lot of credit for his work on The Dark Knight script, but it's still going to be hard to embrace Nic Cage and his flaming skull again after all the bad memories from the first time around. And between this and a third National Treasure, it leaves far less time for Cage to get back to the talented actor we know he's capable of being. Then again, with his famous money troubles he probably needs the paycheck, so maybe we should let this one slide.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend