Olivia Wilde Could Replace Jennifer Garner In Better Living Through Chemistry

Geoff Moore and David Posamentier's Better Living Through Chemistry has had a bit of trouble holding on to its stars. When the project was first announced last September it had both Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Garner attached to star. After adding both Michelle Monaghan and Judi Dench, however, Renner was forced to drop out, leaving Sam Rockwell to replace him. Now, thanks to her recently-announced pregnancy, Garner has been forced to bail on the project as well but they have already found a more-than-suitable replacement.

Variety reports that Olivia Wilde is now in negotiations to take Garner's place in Better Living Through Chemistry. The plot, described as a dark comedy, centers on a mild-mannered, pharmacist (Rockwell) whose life is completely devoid of excitement...that is until he begins to have an illicit affair with a trophy wife (possibly Wilde) who not only gets him hooked on hooked on prescription pills but involves him in a plot to kill her husband. Monaghan will play Rockwell's wife while Dench has an unspecified role.

With no offense meant towards Garner (she's a fine actress when given the proper role), I can't help but see this as a serious upgrade. Given the Postman Always Rings Twice-esque plot description trophy wife probably has "manipulative hypersexual hellcat" right at the top of her character outline and given the number of men that would bow at Olivia Wilde's feet I'm not sure this will be too hard to believe. The article doesn't say when the film might go into production, but given the reason why Garner was forced to drop out my guess is that it's probably looking to move forward some time in the next nine months.

Eric Eisenberg
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