This coming Sunday marks the 88th occasion when Hollywood has collectively slapped itself on the back for a year of well-crafted movies. But the previous 87 Academy Awards haven’t unfolded without their fair share of issues. There have been streakers, painfully awkward speeches, and unlikely and contentious victors. In fact, with the latter in mind, there was no more divisive an Oscars ceremony than 2006’s 78th Academy Awards, which was hosted by Jon Stewart, delayed a week because of the Winter Olympics, and saw some truly bizarre Academy Award recipients. 

Want to relive the madness? Of course you do. So take a rewind to 10 years ago, and check out the winners that the Academy got right and very, very wrong that year.

What They Got Wrong: Crash Won Best Picture
Easily the most controversial decision of the night saw the Academy Awards hand Paul Haggis’ Crash the Best Picture accolade. Crash was met with some positive but mainly mixed reviews upon its release for the rather simplistic way that it merged and meandered together its various tales about social and racial tensions across Los Angeles. So the fact that it beat the hugely fancied Brokeback Mountain, a critical darling that was showered with praise for its raw, romantic, but luscious tale of two men falling in love, was met with audible gasps in the Kodak Theatre on Oscar night.

But it wasn’t just Brokeback Mountain that should have felt overlooked. The subtle yet prescient Good Night, And Good Luck from George Clooney and Grant Heslov would have been a more worthy victor, as would have Batman Begins, the genre-defining origin story for Bruce Wayne from Christopher Nolan. Alas, as the Academy have repeatedly shown, they’re not willing to celebrate comic-book movies at their annual gathering, with Batman Begins not even receiving a nomination. Instead, much to the Academy’s shame, they’re more than happy to reward sappy, gawkish and overly sentimental pap that is nowhere near as profound as it thinks it is.

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