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Ouija Movie Moves Closer To The Big Screen

With the current onslaught of board games adapted into movies, Hollywood is basically following their own version of Rule 34 (If it exists, there's porn of it) but replacing porn with film. Joining Candyland and Battleship and Monopoly as unlikely movie ideas, we now have Ouija, an adaptation of the classic board game over at Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production company.

The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog reports that Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, the two dudes bringing us Tron Legacy next year, are penning a big screen adaptation of Ouija. For the few of you not familiar with the Ouija board, it's a flat board marked with letters, numbers, and other symbols, theoretically used to communicate with spirits. Is this a concept that will carry a movie for an hour and a half? I'd have to say so. It's the paranormal. It does what it wants, even if it doesn't make much sense. How expensive could it be to make anyway?

I'd be sensing a PG movie vibe, but since it's being produced by Platinum Dunes, it could be anything. Explosions are very likely and women without enough clothing for the appropriate situation are required.

Never use it alone, never use it in a graveyard, always say goodbye. THR writes that it's "possible" those rules will be incorporated in the movie, and hey, probably the movie's advertising campaign as well. Look for it next year... or don't. The choice is yours. I'm personally waiting for a adaptation of Don't Break the Ice.