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Forest Whitaker is one of the finest actors working today. From early in his career, playing Jody in The Crying Game, to his Oscar winning performance as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland, he has shown a breadth of range that has wowed critics and audiences alike. In this new trailer for Our Family Wedding, he gets sexually assaulted by a goat pumped up on Viagra.

Yes, it is only January 5th, but I am already nominating this trailer as one of the worst of 2010. The only thing that could make it worse would be a record scratch and a hit-in-the-groin joke. Start with the fact that Whitaker is starring alongside Carlos Mencia (which put this on my "do not see list" before the trailer even started), the trailer features jokes about the electric slide, towing cars, language barriers and a 20-year-old gag from Major League. And don't even get me started on Edwin Starr's "War" or Natalie Cole's "This Will Be." Mr. Whitaker, you need to call someone and get this stricken from your IMDb page.

Check the trailer out below:

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