Oz The Great And Powerful Blu-ray Clips Are Dazzling and Amusing

Please only take a look if you’ve already seen Oz the Great and Powerful as the following clips do give away a few spoilers from the movie

Oz The Great And Powerful is flying on to Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow and to celebrate the big release of the dazzling fairy tale flick, Walt Disney Home Entertainment has put together a few clips related to the film, including the one above, in which special effects, animation and costume flubs cause problems during filming, but make for an amusing gag reel.

Speaking of special effects, the second clip Disney has released a tad bit early is the interestingly shot scene where Mila Kunis’s character, Theodora, is poisoned by her sister with an apple, which should remind fans a little of Snow White. This scene is particularly fun to watch because we don’t get to see a magical, CGI’d conversation. Instead, audiences are privy to a shrinking Theodora in the corner and then an image of the well-known evil witch from Wizard of Oz appearing as a shadow on the wall.

All in all, the two clips do a pretty good job of celebrating the spirit of the movie, but they don’t go very far to tell fans about the Blu-ray and DVD set. They can choose between a Blu-ray or DVD combo pack. There will be many bonus features with the Blu-ray set but far fewer with DVD copies of the flick, which also has a cheaper list price. You can check out the full list of extras, or take a look at the cover art, below.


Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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