Ohhh Peter Krause, I want only good things for you. I loved you so much on Six Feet Under, even though Nate was kind of a narcissist , and even though I didn't watch Dirty Sexy Money I wanted it to succeed for your sake. But I'm really not sure I can get behind this-- Krause has joined the cast of Beastly, a movie that already stars-- sigh-- Mary-Kate Olsen and Vanessa Hudgens.

The story, according to Variety, is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, starring Alex Pettyfer as a guy who plays a prank on a classmate without realizing she's a witch. Hilariously, the witch is played by Olsen, who has spent the last few years perfecting her bag lady style. Krause will be playing the dad of the kid, who I assume will be turned into a beast and then, maybe, kidnap Hudgens and make her life in his house full of talking candlesticks and teapots?

I guess the "parent in a tween movie" is an inevitable step for any actor over 30, so I can't resent Krause for taking the part. I just hope it's not too embarrassing, and that maybe the paycheck can lead him to a role that's half as satisfying as Nate Fisher.

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