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It's been far too long since Peter Stormare has done anything truly memorable. We all still remember him throwing Steve Buscemi into a woodchipper in Fargo, beating on highly advanced technology as the Russian cosmonaut in Armageddon, and replacing Tom Cruise's eyes in Minority Report, but in the last few years his productivity has continued by project quality has dipped. Fans have been waiting for the Coen brothers to rediscover him for years now, but perhaps squaring off against Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand will get the job done too.

Variety reports that the Swedish actor is now in talks to join the Kim Jee-Woon-directed film. In the film Schwarzenegger will play a small town Sheriff who becomes the only thing standing between a cartel leader and the Mexican border. Only the second actor to join the cast, Stormare will play the principal villain's right-hand man who leads eight others into battle against the Sheriff and the other members of the police department. The project is based on a spec script that was written by Andrew Knauer and re-written by both Jeffrey Nachmanoff and George Nolfi. The movie is scheduled to be released on January 18, 2013.

While I would hate to sound like I'm minimizing his talents, Stormare is at his best when playing a villain, or, at the very least, someone unhinged. Hopefully the script calls for his character to be a complete psycho that Schwarzenegger has to put down like a mad dog. The question remains, however: if you have Schwarzenegger as the hero and Stormare as the muscle, who do you get for the big baddie?